Developers Overview

Hidden Creek, LLC recognizes that strong relationships are the sustaining roots of our organization and our path to ultimate success. This includes relationships with our project partners, lenders, investors, home owners, contractors and professionals, as well as with our sales team. We are continually trying to improve and grow our relationships.  We invest our energies to expand the synergy connecting our clients’ expectations and the results Hidden Creek delivers—creating projects that support and strengthen the fabric of people’s lives, and the neighborhoods and communities in which they live. We are in business for the long term and intend to leave a lasting legacy of excellence in both our relationships and our communities. We develop projects with innovation and style by:

  • bringing the best green design and aesthetics into our trend-setting projects.
  • employing workable, livable architecture to enhance the way people live within their homes, the offices in which they work, the stores in which they shop and their communities.
  • using the best design configurations to foster personal connections within each project.
  • incorporating the best features and finishes.
  • utilizing natural & attractive landscaping appropriate to each setting.
  • being respectful of nature.
  • being good neighbors.

“The land is our gem, so to speak, and we have to take care of it to preserve its value. Our communities only serve to enhance the natural beauty of the area.”

Cullen J. Fuller

Hidden Creek Developer