Area Map / Directions

9063 National Parkway, Union Pier, MI 49129.

Project entrance at intersection of Locke and East Locke Roads… just over 1 hour from Chicago’s Loop!

Directions to Hidden Creek Site from Chicago:

*Take Dan Ryan Expressway / I-90 / I-94 East toward 51st Street
*Merge onto I-90 East toward Exit 59A / Indiana Toll Road, 3 tolls (29 miles)
*Merge onto I-94 East via Exit 21 toward Detroit (32 miles)
*Take Exit 6 toward Union Pier
*Turn right at end of ramp onto Union Pier Road (.3 mile)
*Turn right onto Locke Road (.3 mile)
*Site will be on your right!  Hidden Creek is at the intersection of Locke and East Locke Roads.  Follow East Locke Road to Auld Way – National Parkway.