When you imagine that perfect place to relax and recharge…what do you see? A charming villa surrounding by beautiful, unspoiled woods? Sunbathing on the beach or playing in the water with your kids? A relaxing walk through natural trails? Sitting by the fireplace with the one you love? Enjoying a delicious breakfast in your sunny kitchen? Playing golf on a nationally ranked course? How about just time to sleep in late, finally read that book or even just take a dip in the pool? Look no further, Hidden Creek in Union Pier, Michigan, has everything you want and more!

Our beautiful harbor country villas are more than just a second  home. They’re your chance to breathe again. Built on a unique 20 acre property that remains in harmony with the nature around it, each villa is warm and charming, with all the amenities you could wish for. Hidden Creek is more than just a place to take time off…it’s an investment into a peaceful state of mind. Hidden Creek offers you more than just a place to stay on vacation, but an opportunity to build the private getaway of your dreams. This is your perfect place to forget about the outside world. Each villa is built with a lasting legacy of excellence. With features like granite & marble counter tops, marble baths, whirlpool tubs and custom fireplaces, you can have all the comforts of home and the escape you’ve dreamed of. Stay in and avoid the world or take a stroll to the beach or through the woods. It’s all up to you. Play golf, take the kids to the pool or even share a barbecue with your neighbors (who are sure to become fast friends). Any way you want to spend your time away, anything you want to do, Hidden Creek makes it possible.

Each villa is year-round, low maintenance and within walking distance to beaches and historical Union Pier. This is luxury, lake edge living that’s natural and serene. Escape from the daily grind and enjoy the beauty and comfort of your new home, all while just around the corner from the Hidden Creek clubhouse and outdoor pool, nearby golf courses and acres of green space especially preserved for community use. Hidden Creek is not just another vacation home development; this is a community that believes in enjoying life and not missing out on a minute of family, fun and the beauty around them.